ITTA serves as the preeminent advocate for wireline broadband service providers before federal policymakers, in industry forums, and before the federal courts on issues affecting the communications industry.  ITTA’s mission is to advance its members’ interests by promoting public policies that encourage communications sector investment and create opportunities for ITTA members’ continued business success.

What We Do

ITTA’s professional staff advocates on behalf of its members before the Federal Communications Commission and Congress.  Its regulatory group actively participates through written submissions and oral advocacy in numerous proceedings before the FCC and is viewed by regulators as a “go to” source for input on all issues affecting wireline communications service providers.  ITTA’s legislative group maintains an active presence on the Hill to ensure that the interests of the association’s members are fully considered by Congress on the wide range of legislative issues that impact communications service providers.  ITTA’s staff also consistently engages with other segments of the communications industry and their representative groups to ensure that all avenues of advocacy are utilized to further ITTA members’ business interests.

ITTA’s staff routinely represents ITTA members at national, regional, and state industry conferences. In the recent past, ITTA has presented at meetings held by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates (NASUCA), the Mid-America Regulatory Commissioners (MARC), the National Council of State Telecom Executives (NCSTAE), INCOMPAS, the American Cable Association, and numerous state telecom associations.


ITTA was formed in late 1993 by a group of medium-size incumbent local telephone companies who believed that their interests were not being adequately represented in Washington, DC by existing industry groups.  In 1993, Congress was considering the comprehensive overall of the Communications Act of 1934 which led to enactment of the 1996 Telecom Act.  ITTA’s founding members believed that in order to ensure that their particular business needs were fully considered in the legislative process there needed to be an association devoted exclusively to representing mid-size telcos.  Thus, ITTA was formed.  In the twenty years since it was created, ITTA’s focus has evolved as the communications industry and its members’ businesses have changed.

Today, ITTA members are no longer plain old telephone service (POTS) providers and instead have redefined their businesses to become the choice of millions of residential and business customers across the United States for all of their communications needs.  Today, ITTA represents its members on all of the broadband, video and voice service issues that are critical to their success.