The Voice of America's Broadband ProvidersThe Voice of America's Broadband Providers

ITTA serves as the voice of America’s broadband providers before federal policymakers in Washington, DC.

The members of ITTA provide a broad range of high-quality broadband, wireline and wireless voice, video, and other communications services on a wholesale and retail basis to residential and business customers in predominantly rural areas across 43 states.

ITTA has been a consistent and powerful voice for the needs of communications companies since its inception in 1994.  ITTA works to promote its members’ interests through advocacy and collaborative outreach and discussion on federal policy issues affecting the communications industry.  ITTA’s professional staff draws upon its decades of expertise to promote public policies that create investment opportunities for its member companies to ensure their continued business success.

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ITTA is hopeful that President Trump's EO on infrastructure will accelerate permitting for broadband construction on federal lands.

Opponents to Sinclair-Tribune merger rally in new 15-member coalition, @JohnHendel reports for Pro Tech: Retweeted by @ITTAadvocacy